“MANTRA” Indian Garden is an authentic yet innovative Indian Restaurant, with a menu that honors tradition while reinventing it.

Our food“MANTRA”is simple, fresh and flavorful that appeals to all of the FIVE SENSES

Visit us for “FINE INDIAN DINING” Experience in Rosemont and Ohare airport area.

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About us

"Mantra" is the sister restaurant to "The Indian Garden" Chicago. Since coming into business; our family at "IG" has offered an exploration of India's culture though its cuisine. We wanted to share the Indian tradition Atithi Devo Bhau, the supreme importance of the guests with Schiller Park.

Elegant and inviting; with a sumptuous decor awash in the hue's of India's signature spices and decor, the senses were meant to be indulged. Every aspect of Mantra; the food, the decor, the ambience was designed to excite your senses while also ushering them through the passage of Culinary Nirvana.

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Our Chefs

Our Chefs believes that food we serve should transfer you in spirit, to the region it originated from. Whether you're new to the Indian cuisine or a curry connoisseur, you'll love Mantra's Culinary Nirvana; it's not your typical "curry in a hurry" Indian restaurant. Mantra's menus are diverse and balanced; offering some of the best multi-regional cuisine India has to offer.

Let yourself be romanced by the sidewalk sounds, or pampered by the peacefulness of "Mantra's" patio garden. Flock to the terrace and share a bite, under the sun, and over-sized patio umbrella or the stars. Be it a brunch in the breeze, sunset supper or long lunch, step through the curtains of exotica and let "Mantra" guide you through the passage of Culinary Nirvana.