We had our wedding at the Stan Mansion on April 9th of this year. We were lucky enough to have Mantra cater our special day. Their service was impeccable. Since our wedding was an interfaith wedding, we had some guests who had never tried Indian food in the past. They provided a delicious customized menu to our guests and everyone absolutely raved about the food. Some of the highlights of the menu included lamb chops, pani poori and fish tikka.

Our wedding venue served as both the ceremony room and the party room. They were able to turn the ceremony room into the party room in less than an hour. In addition, they provided bartenders for the entire night as well as servers for the cocktail hour. They even took down all the tables at the end of the night.

In addition, the manager personally served our head table which was such a personal touch that I do not think you can find anywhere else. I have had multiple guests tell me they have visited Mantra based on the food that was served at the wedding. Some of these people had never had Indian food before. All in all, Anu and her staff were amazing and helped make our special day even that much better.

Aaron Kirkpatrick



Hello Anu

We recently organized the first birthday event for my friend's daughter and I must say I was quite impressed with you earthy way of presenting the food. Here are the pictures from the event held at Blackberry Farms , Aurora , IL on July 30,2016. In case you need to display the pictures on your site, you are more than welcome to do so.

We will contact you when we plan one of our next big events under greenmagic planners.





Hello Anu,

forgive me for my belated reply.

I have been in this business for a bit of time and I cannot think of anyone who even comes close to your (and your team's) professionalism. I honestly dreaded the event beforehand, I've had bad experiences in the past; instead, I walked in and saw the kitchen line organized with labels for the various foods and I must say working with you was a joy, you certainly made it very easy for our team. And that you food was delicious did not hurt either. Anu, thank you for all the work, your passion and enthusiasm, we all enjoyed the cooperation!


Director of Banquets

Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago




Good Afternoon Anu,

It was a please to work with you too.your team is very organised and the execution of the function was done very well.The food was great and looking forward to dine at your restaurant again soon.

Thank you and see you again

Lloyd Moonga

Hotel Executive Chef

Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago



Your food, presentation and service was absolutely FABULOUS! Love it. Thank you Anu for everything.

Absolutely, for every work event from my side and my husband we will be reaching out to you.





Hi Anu ji!

It was really lovely meeting you! We loved the food! And you and Arun ji make such a wonderful couple. Thank you for guiding us yesterday for all the wedding preps.

Attached is a high level strategy I created for you and Indian Garden restaurants. Please see if it makes any sense, I am very excited as I can see a lot of opportunities for both you and me.

We should talk more about it!

Looking forward to your response!





Hi Anu Auntie. Thank you so much for your kind words. We are very happy you enjoyed the wedding.

Thank you again for everything and for the delicious food. Everyone loved the food and the service was outstanding.

Aaron Kirkpatrick




Thanks for providing tasty treats fro the 2015 Amazing India celebration at Navy Pier. There seemed to be brisk business, which I hope was worthwhile for Indian Garden.

I very much enjoyed meeting you.

All the best.

Dorothie Shah




The Indo-American Heritage Museum is indebted to you for supplying flavorful and filling dishes for which people kept lining up during the Amazing India event yesterday. We hope the venture was rewarding for you and that your business continues to prosper.

All the best

Dorothie Shah




On behalf of The Chicago Traveler

We have just published a new article covering some of the best restaurants around O’Hare. There is no rush to get into the city when there are fantastic options near. You have rightfully made our list of recommendations.

Unique And Wonderful Restaurants Near O’Hare http://www.thechicagotraveler.com/2014/11/restaurants-near-o-hare-2014/

Ross M Perkins




Mantra is an Indian Cuisine restaurant in Schiller Park which opened just a few months ago.

When you walk in, the first thing you notice is the aroma in the air. It is spectacular. All of the wonderful spices used in Indian food are a pleasure for the senses. Then you notice the décor, which is beautiful. They put a lot of work into this restaurant and it shows; from the gorgeous furniture and built in booths, to the outside patio dining area.

We were greeted at the door, seated in the indoor dining room in a luxury red velvet booth. I felt like a queen. The bartender brought us a taste of what we were told was a blended yogurt and mango drink, it was delicious. My date and I are not schooled in Indian food. Not knowing what to order, we asked for help. I am not one to eat real spicy foods, so our wonderful server (very professional), helped us through the menu. We ordered a chicken entrée, saffron flavored rice, creamed spinach and a specialty Indian bread.

Our server told us that with Indian food, it is not so much that they use hot spices; they use many different spices to make a wonderful array of flavors in the dishes. Spices are so good for many different things. At Mantra they can make your dish from spicy to non-spicy, whatever way you like. If you are not used to spicy foods, I would suggest you tell the server. They will use the same spices, just not as heavy.

We received our ordered dishes and I have to say, I was delighted how wonderful each dish was. All were flavorful, with a little spicy bite (as ordered), anyone would enjoy these dishes

My date loved the food as much as I did. We were both pleasantly surprised. I was so full by the time we were finished with dinner I didn’t have room for dessert. So I’m going to have to go back. It is a great spot for a business or casual lunch or a romantic evening. They also have a full service bar.

Mantra is a must try; Gorgeous restaurant, great food, and great service. You feel like you’re eating in a downtown Chicago restaurant that’s in our own backyard.

For Betty’s Bites from the Booth, I give Mantra 4 ½ stars. I can’t think of anything I’d change at Mantra, but I can’t give 5 stars; there is always room to be even better.

Until next time: “Stop and Savor the Flavor” Enjoy every bite

You can also find me on Facebook “Betty’s Bites from the Booth”


Betty’s Bites from the Booth




A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend and I came into Mantra for dinner and you were our server. I have to tell you that it was probably the best dining experience we have ever had. Not only the food and beer but also your service. Indian cuisine is new to me and you help on what to order made our dinner that much more enjoyable.

I raved about your restaurant to some friends and I will be coming in with a group of 8 tomorrow. I made reservations under the name Herb and I wanted to see if it was possible to have you as our server again. If so, it would be great.

I greatly look forward to dinner tomorrow night.

Herb Taylor